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We are specialised in

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Web Design and Development

We develop creative assets suited according to the needs of the clients bringing it together an interface that reflects the vision of the clients keeping in mind the potential users and customers. We design websites and web applications, build mobile applications be it small or large focusing mainly on the development of it so that it makes all the difference to a website or an application in a long term.

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Digital and Online Brand Strategy

We provide digital guidance and insight to our clients, helping them improve their business and model through better revenue and lower costs. We hope to help our clients explore new opportunities and capitalise on existing ones.

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Enterprise Resource Plan

We have ERP solutions for sales management, finance management, manufacturing sectors, supply chain management, retail sectors, contracting, dealership management, HR and payroll management.

The story about our digital expedition

We came to existence in the Year 2015, knowing what consistently separated achievers from no-achievers in converting opportunities to an achievement. The companies caught in red oceans followed by a conventional approach, racing to beat the competitions by building a defensible position with the existing industry order.

We surprisingly do not use competitions as our bench mark. Instead we follow a different strategic logic that we call “Value Innovation” with aid of ancient knowledge, Value Innovation is the cornerstone of Blu Oceans’s number work processes. We call it Value Innovation because instead of focusing on beating the competition, we focus on making the completion irrelevant by creating a leap in value for buyers and our firm, there by opening up new and uncontested market space where, rules of the game are waiting to be set.

Who are we

We aim at changing the way people understand the concept of business. We plan to chart a progressive course which is not just limited to business but includes society at large too. We believe in the principle that continuous problem solving creates a pathway to progress and success.

We are passionate about building strong and long-lasting client relationships. We focus on providing the best products, services and solutions for our clients. This dedication spurs us to go above and beyond for our client’s success.

We are equipped with ‘define, measure, analyse, improve and control techniques’ which creates higher value for the capital invested in any business sectors.

Our Service Areas include,

  • Retail Traders
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Traders
  • Agriculture, Forest & Fishing
  • Public Sectors
  • Educational Sectors
  • Transportation, Communication & Utilities
  • Mining

We also provide Duplicate Report Protection System to the sectors who are working in highly critical environment.

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Address : # 2-10-277/17 Sankai Hills, Bejai, Mangalore, KA 575004

Marketing Division : 1st Floor, Bharath building, Near Srinivas Hotel, PM Rao Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore, KA 575001

Phone : +91824 22 22 321, +91 9591 447 305

“Exploration by real people inspires us”

Stephen Hawking